Exclusive Annuity Leads

What Are Annuity Leads?

Annuity leads are potential customers at retirement age looking to avail of annuity for a variety of reasons like boosting the value of their retirement assets. These annuity insurance leads are qualified prospects for your annuity business.

How Can Insurance Agencies and Insurance Agents Generate Leads?

Annuity lead generation is a process that every annuity business can do in-house. You’ll need to have a dedicated team to generate your own leads, who will then employ various up-to-date methods of prospecting to attract potential annuity clients like warm and cold calling, referrals from existing clients, email marketing, lead magnet, Google ads, search engine optimization, keyword research, etc.

However, as you can already surmise, obtaining a secured source of high-quality annuity leads requires time, commitment, and money. That’s why annuity lead generation companies like us offer exclusive annuity leads, so you can cut down on costs. Our annuity lead generation strategies produce leads that convert into sales, not just “prospects.”

How Much Do Insurance Leads Cost?
The price is ___.
How Many Leads Should I Order? Is There A Minimum?
The minimum is 30 leads.
What Can I Expect When I Purchase Annuity Leads?
Each lead includes the personal policies and contact details of potential customers, who are individuals from your market base who have expressed interest in annuity investment. Since they’ve opt-in to being contacted, every lead is actively seeking annuity and has a high chance of converting into a sale.
Are These Annuity Leads Exclusive?
Unlike wholesale lead sellers, we only provide exclusive annuity leads to every client that avails of our lead generation service. We generate leads in real-time to ensure their high interest in your annuity business.
By “Exclusive Leads”, Does This Mean They Aren’t Sold More Than Once On The Web?
Yes, exclusive means these leads aren’t sold more than once on the web. When you buy leads from wholesale sellers, you’ll likely get cheap quality annuity leads. You’ll receive contacts that are existing clients of other agencies or have already had direct contact with financial professionals.
How Will I Receive The Annuity Leads?
To ensure you’ll gain instant access to a steady stream of exclusive leads, we do live transfers for the verified leads you ordered. You may request in what form you want to receive the leads. But we commonly deliver leads using Google Sheets, text files, CRM, and/or email.

Does Buying Leads Mean I Can Stop Using Other Marketing Efforts?

Don’t go firing your sales team just yet. While other businesses have decided to pour their marketing budget into buying annuity leads, having multiple sources for valid leads will benefit you greatly in the long run. A tailored marketing strategy using customized marketing materials combined with our lead-generation services will do wonders for your business.
What If I’m Unsatisfied With The Leads And Want To Stop?
Contact us right away and we’ll stop sending you leads. It’s that simple!
What If I’m Satisfied And Want More Leads For Specific Purposes (e.g. Money Market Accounts, Financial Advisors, etc.)?
We love to hear about the experience of happy customers! And if you’re looking for something more specific, we can help you figure out what kind of leads you need for your annuity business in the financial industry.

Here’s Why You Should Use Our Lead Generation Company

Annuity businesses and insurance agents looking to grow should take advantage of our annuity lead generation company to get ahead of their competitors in the insurance industry. That’s because by using our services, you’ll benefit in the following ways:

Receive Pre-Screened Exclusive Leads

All the exclusive leads we will provide are pre-screened. This means each valuable lead has expressed interest in services like yours and will be highly receptive to becoming converted into a sale. We do not sell leads that don’t match your requirements.

Spend Less Time Prospecting For New Customers

Since you’ll receive real-time leads from us, you won’t need to expend more of your time prospecting for clients. You can set up other passive forms of prospecting while leaving all the heavy lifting to us.

Finally Get The High-Quality Leads You Need To Grow Your Business

Leads bought from wholesalers or those generated through flimsy processes will have low to zero chances of converting and growing your business. By using our services, you’ll be guaranteed a secure source of high-quality leads that result in a ten-fold return on investment.

Stop Wasting Time On Leads That Will Never Convert

Many individual agents have wasted their time on phone calls with leads that will never convert. More often than not, these leads have not been filtered thoroughly to ensure they are interested in your agency. With our help, you can direct your agents’ efforts to connect with leads that will convert into sales.

How We Generate Annuity Leads

Deploying Tailored Targeted Campaigns For Annuity

For every customer, we create tailored targeted campaigns for a custom audience that will fit what you’re looking for in a lead. As part of our lead generation strategy, these campaigns are carried out using several channels such as your site and other websites, phone calls, landing pages, email marketing, search engines, Google Ads, and other digital marketing strategies. We also make use of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms in generating leads.
All the data gathered from these campaigns guarantees qualified leads. As the campaign begins, we filter every lead we receive to pinpoint the best sales leads and increase the conversion rate of our leads.

Qualifying Leads in Real Time

After filtering generated leads by the tailored targeted campaigns, we have a team dedicated to qualifying the authenticity of every lead. These phone-qualified leads don’t just fill up a form with their contact information. We employ the use of long-form surveys and follow-ups to ensure the lead truly fits the criteria set for a client actively seeking your business.

Live Transfers For Exclusive Annuity Leads

“Strike the iron while it’s hot.” When it comes to leads, the sooner they are contacted, the higher the chance they’ll convert into a sale. That’s why we do live transfers for the inbound leads we match with our customers. If real-time transfer will not be possible for a customer, we stay on the line, alert, and ready to conduct the transfer of fresh leads. Time is of the essence in avoiding aged leads with lower chances of converting.

Sit Back and Relax As Your Annuity Leads Convert Into Sales

Entrusting us with the process of generating verified leads means you get to sit back, enjoy your modern life, and watch the leads convert into sales. After sending all the necessary details of each lead, we also work with your marketing team to ensure everything you’ve envisioned for this part of your business goes exactly as planned.

Are you an annuity business in need of leads generated by pros?

Contact us today, and we will provide you instant access to the quality leads you need to grow your business at an affordable price point.